Can Dedicated Servers Thrive In A World That’s Increasingly Accepting Cloud Infrastructure

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Dedicated hosting has been at the forefront of web hosting for quite some time now. However, with the advent of cloud computing, there is a clear and unmistakable dent in its supremacy. Organizations are slowly turning to cloud based solutions for managing their data more efficiently. Dedicated server hosting is a costly option while other options that VPS and shared hosting do not provide the kind of support, extensibility and security that a growing organization needs. The cloud is fully capable of addressing all these issues.

However, dedicated hosting is not something that’s about to disappear into oblivion just because cloud computing has emerged as a viable and cost-effective option. Dedicated infrastructure is capable of providing some major benefits that cloud computing cannot offer to clients in its present form.

Businesses that understand the importance of dedicated servers but also realize the fact that cloud is the future of computing and hosting, are seeking expert opinion on how to integrate the positives of dedicated infrastructure within their cloud infrastructure. Many entrepreneurs have a few misconceptions about using dedicated server hosting infrastructure within the cloud. The most common of these are:


Security is one of the biggest concerns of any business. The general impression about cloud is that it has gaps in its security system. Most organizations prefer using private cloud options. Hosting experts are of the opinion that customers should build an infrastructure that best fits the needs of their application. The best security measures can then be built around that infrastructure. Dedicated infrastructure solutions can be used to gain control over functions and deal effectively with security and compliance necessities.

Easy To Manage:

Dedicated hosting solutions are easy to manage as it offers enhanced flexibility. The flexible features can be used to meet specific security, compliance and performance requirements. As it is simple to handle and manage, dedicated server solutions bring in an element of simplicity within your hosting system. You will have the freedom to alter configurations and customization features as the dedicated server is in a single-tenant environment. The same flexibility is not available with shared servers and to a much lesser extent in virtual private server hosting.

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Dedicated infrastructure is more expensive than cloud. However, there are smart ways of making dedicated infrastructure workable for you and within your budget. All your predictable workloads can be on a dedicated server. When there is an unexpected and sudden spike, the cloud system can come into play. Many organizations use this technique to combine dedicated infrastructure and cloud computing to manage their tasks effectively and within their budget. You have the ability to fully customize an environment that your IT team does not have to set up or manage. This can result in substantial savings.

Need For Expertise:

Skeptics often question the use of dedicated infrastructure by those who are not experienced in handling complex IT systems. While it is a fact that dedicated server does require a higher level of expertise, it is not a problem at all. All you need is a team of IT experts with experience in dedicated server hosting management. They can support your endeavor by ensuring proper planning and implementation of the dedicated server infrastructure.

You can also get the support of a dedicated technical team 24/7 from your server host when you choose the right dedicated server hosting plan. Then, there are forums and support teams available to help you reduce gaps in the technical knowledge about dedicated server hosting management. You can use the information to optimize your infrastructure. It is possible to even reduce your monthly bills.

High Availability:

High availability is another major benefit is major functionality of dedicated servers. The same can be also achieved through the Cloud with the implementation of load balancer as a service. This allow dynamic deployment anywhere within the application system. Advanced cloud infrastructure allows users to drag and drop load balancing services anywhere. In dedicated servers too, issues pertaining to capacity and availability can be easily rectified without much hassle. In dedicated servers that are powered by leading edge technology, redundant load balancers and servers ensure high accessibility for websites. Even if one or more servers fail, the ones that are working scramble to fill in the gap and ensure that availability is maintained.

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Elasticity and Flexibility:

Cloud environments allow application infrastructure demands to be scaled up or down as needed by your business situation. This is a welcome feature that can save businesses the hassle of having to adjust the systems continuously to match changing business demands. The same ease of use, flexibility and scalability features can be enjoyed in dedicated infrastructure too, albeit at a lower cost. Scalability is one of the main marketing points for cloud service is scalability. It is important to note that while computing resources can be scaled, your applications may not be ready to do the same limiting your options.

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