Carving out an Important Niche for Dedicated Servers in Cloud World

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Dedicated hosting has been ruling the world of web hosting and its supremacy seems to have been challenged with recent advances in cloud computing. Organizational IT infrastructure is slowly shifting its reliance on dedicated hosting to cloud based solutions.

Relevance of dedicated server with advent of cloud computing

Is cloud computing pushing dedicated hosting to oblivion? One wonders whether days of dedicated servers are numbered with so much noise created by cloud computing. In fact, dedicated servers will always be sought after for some the unique benefits over cloud computing. 

Dedicated server hosting are capable of offering more alternatives for ensuring better security and compliance in comparison to cloud solutions. It is recommended that users should properly analyze their hosting priorities to think of a right solution that precisely matches their requirements. 

If you are more concerned about security of a particular web application, then a dedicated solution not only offers greater security and compliance but can also boost performance of the application. This is because users of dedicated servers are in better control of the environment and can customize the server configurations more efficiently than any other type of hosting.

Cost of hosting is most commonly discussed issue and it is argued that a dedicated solution is often costlier than cloud based solution. This argument is an exaggeration of facts. If you are making optimum use of resources available with dedicated hosting to cater to predictable workloads and using burstable cloud instances only during traffic spikes, then a dedicated solution can be the most cost effective alternative. 

It is true that a dedicated server requires expert knowledge for its operation and overall management. However, if you are associated with a knowledgeable host then you need not worry about this aspect. Most of the aspects of operation and maintenance of dedicated hosting are looked after by managed dedicated service providers who are reputed and established hosts.

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Hybrid solutions to leverage capabilities of dedicated servers

It is possible to exploit dedicated servers in terms of their customizability and power by combing their resources with cloud computing in a hybrid environment. Such an arrangement offers wide spectrum of benefits. These advantages essentially combine attributes of dedicated servers including security and customizability with flexibility scalability and cost effectiveness of cloud computing.

The new agile and hybrid solution is essentially designed to redirect traffic automatically to cloud and application servers to minimize load on dedicated servers for their enhanced performance. 

By integrating dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting one can achieve desired objective of enhancing website availability without consuming vital resources of dedicated server. One can effectively manage traffic surge by directing traffic to relevant applications and networking pools. 

Availability of packet filters ensure that particular user’s dedicated server is accessed only the cloud environment that belongs to the user. This ensures seamless protection of customer’s dedicated environment. It is also interesting to note that the inter connectivity between a dedicated server and its relative cloud instances always remain within the data center that is supporting user’s IT infrastructure.
Advantages of new hybrid arrangement

New hybrid solution provides ease of mixing and matching cloud as well as dedicated hosting environments. Users are able to enjoy greater flexibility and higher productivity at much lesser costs. 

Customers can selectively move different workloads at different occasions without having to upload a single and massive workload to cloud. This is especially useful in modern development environment where many applications are being developed for physical servers.

Hybrid environments that combine dedicated servers and cloud capabilities also enable moving of different categories of data to specific locations for better resource utilization. An online store is able to move web traffic to cloud while reserving more secure dedicated server space for business critical data such as payment processing or credit card data.  

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Cloud hosting offers pay-as-you-go feature of payment that can reduce hosting expenditure considerably. In addition to cost of operation, organizations are also able to reduce their dependence on administration of physical infrastructure. Since the traffic exchange between dedicated servers and cloud instances is being managed automatically, you need not engage costly manpower to oversee the operations.
Cloud adoption gains ground

The trend of cloud adoption is slowly but surely gaining ground. Most of the organizations are not ready to adopt cloud computing on a large scale. Such hybrid models of cloud and dedicated hosting provide an ideal alternative to such enterprises. 

These organizations can enhance their ability to adopt cloud instances without moving vita and sensitive data away from the security of dedicated server environment. Enterprises can select specific workloads that can be moved to cloud for reducing burden on their servers and also to ensure that their operations continue to run without any interruptions even during traffic spikes. 

Scalability in response to demand is one of the most attractive features of cloud platforms. Companies can proactively respond to sudden bursts of demands by rapidly scaling up to meet enhanced requirements of customers or applications. This capability can further enhance performance of dedicated server hosting that is also known for being flexible in terms of resource scaling.

The dedicated server and cloud hosting hybrid model is an attractive proposition because it optimizes available resources to build an agile and scalable solution. The new solution is basically aimed at providing a robust bridge between the most sought after conventional solution of dedicated hosting and high end capabilities of cloud computing. 

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