3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Emails were at one time the biggest marketing tools for business owners. With the gradual emergence of a variety of social networking tools, some people started to consider emails as an outdated means of communication. But, the truth is, emails have never lost their importance.  They continue to be the most important method for businesses for interacting with clients and employees.  In spite of the ruthless progress of technology, businesses continue to count on email hosting  to be the best and most effective way to reach out to their audiences. 

Reasons why email marketing has not lost its magic:

1. Captures Target Audiences Better: One of the main reasons why business owners put their faith in email marketing is because of the depth of these communications. If you use social media for marketing your products or services, you can only publish or post limited information about these. Moreover, you can only hope that your target audience clicks on the links you have embedded in these sites to know more about your products. So, it is uncertain whether your clients have actually read and responded to the emails and the chance factor is high. But, when you send emails to your prospective and existing customers to promote products, you know that it will reach them. You can also include all relevant information in a single email. You do not have to limit your words to just key phrases that do not do any justice to the business. So, you have ample space to provide relevant information about your products, and you can even justify the reasons for buying it to your audience.

2. Keeps Customers Engaged: Another significant reason to use email marketing for business growth is that the email will keep your clients engaged. When you only use social media for marketing, your customers may click on the link simply out of curiosity and not because he is keen to know more about a certain product. So, you can never be sure if he is going to take any action on it. But, when you send an email to someone who has signed up for your email services, you can be certain of engaging that client. When you reach out to such people through emails they may get interested because you are showing an active interest in them. So, the chances of them considering what you are offering are much higher. Moreover emails are accessible from mobile phones these days, thereby widening their reach. As they are free for the buyers, they are keen to look through them. So, promotions through emails turn out to be more cost effective than sending messages which involve texting charges. Studies show that many customers are tempted to sign up for promotional emails when they know they can receive rewards from their preferred brands from time to time. When you pass on coupons for instance through the emails, it can dramatically increase your sales. Email coupons are particularly found to be very useful for people who shop for their daily groceries online. So, online coupons translate into big sales and email marketing is integral to it. Emails are always the easiest way to capture bargain hunters. And no large corporation can disregard their importance even in today’s age.

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3. Integrates Better: Email marketing and social media marketing are both needed for a successful marketing campaign. If you choose one over the other, you end up compromising the maximum potential for reaching out to your target customers. So, the best way to use them both to your business advantage is to include links to social media sites in your emails. What is important is to get your clients to look at your products in the easiest manner possible. The mobile phone is a great way to increase visibility of your products. Most people use the smartphone these days and for them to view your products on their mobile phone screen is convenient and less tedious. Since email marketing works perfectly well with mobile phones as smartphone users can access their mails on-the-go, it makes sense to send promotional emails to your customers. Reports show that consumers are more likely to open the emails on their phones rather than on their desktops. Email marketing is therefore highly versatile and it can be used together with other methods for better marketing results. Finally, email marketing is here to stay as it is inexpensive. Though it is very effective, it will not drain your budget. Incidentally, for the owners of small businesses, email marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective method for promoting their products.

Emails are transactional by nature and they can be used for directing traffic to your site which in turn boosts up sales. And what is most important is that there will not be any kind of guesswork involved in email marketing. You can track which recipients open the emails, the number of users that actually click on the links provided, the number of recipients who unsubscribed from your mailing list etc. So, you can assess effectiveness of your campaign and revamp the marketing strategies accordingly.

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