Should Email Host And Web Host Be Kept Different?

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Web hosting is one of the most celebrated technologies of all time. It has the capability of transforming your business without any doubt. But with changing times, the demands and requirements of your business have also evolved. Now we have the benefit of personalized solutions for all the problems so as to experience early results. This eliminates all confusion and makes our lives even more simple.

Also, why put all your eggs in one basket when you can get different ones for each of your specific requirements. It actually doesn’t make any sense to expect your web host to also handle your emailing system completely. Though we get carried away by the free service that web hosts generally provide but your business emails deserve more than just free service.

When we generally visit the market in search of a web hosting provider, we look for both our website as well as emails. Business emails are no less important than our website. If you think so that your business emails do not require separate treatment, then you must be unaware of the power and reach of email marketing. To eat the fruits of efficient email marketing, you need to keep your business emails away from the limitations of your web host. But for this, you need to know all about email hosting and its features.

What is business email hosting?

A business email host is an online email hosting service that is specially designed to take care of all your business-related emails. As emails are considered to be the uttermost professional medium of communication and thus are equally important for any kind of business. A reputed email hosting provider is aware of this fact and comes up with innovative ideas in their service so as to keep your emailing game on point.

If we talk about the services a typical email hosting provider will cover, then they are sending, receiving, and storing emails over the server. The server will be provided by the email hosting provider and the whole procedure is similar to renting space on an online server. Once you have signed up for an email host, they will customize all the business email addresses and other services as and when required.

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Running a business without emails is near to impossible and so managing business emails becomes equally important for any business leader. But being into business, you have to plan your expenses as well and we understand it very well. But after going through the following reasons as to why to keep email and web host separate you will realize that your money is not put to waste.

People also get confused between an email host and an email client. Thus we have made a detailed difference between email host, web host, and email client to make things more clear.

Email ServerWeb HostEmail Client
Just like websites, email addresses also need to be hosted on a server. There are many popular email servers for this and sometimes they are hosted alongside your website on the same web host. An email server is a server that dedicatedly hosts all your business email addresses.A web host is like a high-end computer that is always online i.e. connected to the internet. One can access data and files through databases. They provide a domain name that is entered on the web browser. This is where your website’s databases are stored.An email client is a software that you use to write, read, and manage your email. The most popular email clients are Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Benefits of keeping email and web host different

  1. No impact on the other if one goes down– There can be times when your web host can go down and such situations appear unasked and unexpectedly. When people fall for those free email hosting services alongside their main web host, this problem is very eminent to happen. If for instance, your web host goes down due to some or the other issue, your business emails will also go down and thus will impact your whole business from head to toe. This happens as almost all the web host providers place everything on the same server and thus risking both your website as well as your emails. The chances of going down for such servers are even more as the loads are unmetered and doubling the risks. The crashing of both the website and the emails is something that becomes inevitable. Imagine, both your website and business email going down for just a few minutes. It would be catastrophic, right? Apart from losing money, you might lose some of your trusted visitors and clients. A separate email host is a sole solution to a problem like this. Hence, to avoid this situation of one going down then all going down, you need a good email hosting provider. The experience is so relaxing keeps you intact with all your visitors and helps in bringing more potential clients.      
  2.  Migration of data is easier with an email host– If you have started as a startup, you will need to migrate your complete database from one hosting provider to another. This is because once you start to scale up it is not possible to bound your website to the services of a single hosting provider when there is so much to offer in the market. Thus migrating from one hosting provider to another will definitely come up in the future. Everything changes from the domain name to bandwidth and thus migrating data can be a very hectic task. Already your business is going through a plethora of changes, would you want to load it more? So to avoid any further changes keeping the email host separate from the web hosting provider. To keep your business emails running a separate email host is the best idea.
  3. Support is not that dedicated– When you host both website and email on the same server then you cannot expect the support services to be very dedicated. Compare this with a situation at your home like you cannot expect your air conditioner serviceman to be good at servicing your heating appliances also. Similarly, if your emails are also hosted on the same server as your website you will not be able to receive that much of dedicated support. This is because email hosting is an additional service which is kept free by most of the web hosting providers and thus don’t feel the need to hire experts on business email hosting. Thus problems relating to business email hosting are treated secondary unintentionally. This can be very stressful for your business as troubleshooting problems or errors will be delayed by default. So email hosting is though cheap when we get as a free service but is very problematic in the longer run.
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In a nutshell, keeping the email host separate from your web host always turns out to be beneficial in the longer run. The quality support and email specific features are the best you can give to your business email addresses and thus highly recommendable. Although there are few things to be kept in mind when you select your email hosting provider like cost, support, etc. but future opportunities are endless. So without wasting any further time, quickly select the most suitable email hosting provider from the market and give that edge to your business.

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