Advantages of Keeping Email and Web hosting Separated

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Importance of email and impact of absence of an email account is a foregone conclusion. Businesses that have websites should an email for facilitating their visitors to send mails. An email account that contains own domain name is an exciting attribute and every entrepreneur looks forward to having such email.

Disadvantages of hosting email with website

There are a number of web hosting service providers offering hosting packages that include email boxes. This helps enterprises own their professional email addresses that sync with their websites.

Consider this scenario, your website goes down as it is normal for websites to face downtime on different occasion and so does your email as well. Now you have no way to communicate with your clients and neither can your customers contact you over email. Your professional existence and communication on the internet are jeopardized, although temporarily.

In a second scenario, you have selected a great web hosting service provider to host your website and at the end of the day you suddenly find that the host is not offering email hosting features at all.

Why you should have email independent of website hosting

Whatever may be the case, it pays you to keep your website hosting and email separate. These are the important reasons for isolating your email from website hosting:

  • Website hosting should be limited to website hosting and not for other activities. You will understand the importance of this when you find that your host is not able to support email hosting. Many website hosting services treat email hosting as secondary and it somehow reflects in their support level provided for email services.
  • You need to think about the website space that will be consumed by your email account. Emails need huge disk space in order to send and receive emails and attachments. This will make your website load slower and ultimately you will come to know that most of the visitors to your websites are moving away due to excruciatingly slow page loading of your website pages. This can also impact your Google ranking since the search engine would start directing your visitors to faster loading sites by assigning lower ranks to your slow loading website. It is therefore better to let your web server do its job of hosting your website and not your emails.
  • It is common observation that the email hosting software provided by some of the web hosts are far from being user friendly. This is more evident if you are used to some of the most intuitive email interfaces such as Yahoo or Gmail.  
  • As mentioned earlier, website hosting can be unreliable in terms of website availability. It is common to see websites experiencing events of downtime due to some or other reason. You cannot afford to see your email suffering from downtime because it is directly associated with your business communications.
  • You need to always keep your options of choosing a better web hosting provider because you may experience certain issue with existing host or find a superior host t cater to your growing needs of hosting. While it is very easy to migrate your website, migration of email can be extremely complex. It is always better not to keep your email tied to your website hosting provider so that you will have freedom to move anytime to other host of your choice.
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If you are convinced that you website and email need to be separated, then you may wondering about the available options.

Gmail as the best email hosting option

The simplest and the foremost option to separate your email from website host is Gmail. It is also good to know that Gmail is a free email option. With Gmail to take care of your email, you will never face any downtime issue because Google goes out of to keep its services up and running come what may. You will also love its intuitive interface and a plethora of features to keep your communications always up-to-date.

Email hosting by Go4hosting

Email hosting services by Go4hosting are designed keep you connected even while you are on the go through push mails and flawless synching. Their email hosting solutions are highly secure and scalable. Your email will have support of top of the line email servers backed be dedicated technical support. Whether you need video conferencing, instant messaging, or file transfers, email hosting service by Go4hosting has you covered.

In addition to this Go4hosting offers SLA backed network uptime over 99.99 percent with smooth email setup and management. You can enjoy sharing online calendars, automatic upgrades, and Outlook web application among other features. What’s more, you can create number of accounts, access or backup your data including on-site as well as off-site.

If you need to ensure that your email communication must always remain accessible, then it is advisable to keep it isolated from you website hosting. Whether you move to Gmail or Go4hoting, you will be sure to have your email up and running without any interruptions.

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