Importance of Using an Exclusive Email Hosting Service instead of the One Provided by the Hosting Service

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Emails are an important part of all business dealings. Keeping this in mind, many web hosting services provide their clients with an email address that goes along with their hosting plan. It is indeed a value added service given by the hosting service provider. In fact, the client can even find it beneficial at first because they are getting everything at a single place. However, it can be more harmful than beneficial. Rather than using such an email from your hosting service provider, use of a third party email hosting can be more beneficial. To understand the entire dynamics, it is important for you to have a look at the problems associated with the emails.

Emails will become Inaccessible when the Website is Down

When you use an email provided by your email hosting company, your email will also remain inaccessible when the website remains down. Let’s understand this problem in details –

When an email is tied with the DNS, the main problem is that the email and site remains inaccessible when the host experiences downtime. This is especially true if the host doesn’t have multiple servers for keeping site live on the internet.

If a business gets an email from a different hosting solution then it’ll essentially help in separating the servers. This essentially means that the email remains available even when the site is down.

At this point of time you may ask whether an email service also goes down or not. Yes, email hosts also go down. However, it won’t go down simply because your web hosting solution is facing a downtime.

Your Email can get Blacklisted if Someone Else is Spamming

If the email server you are using is shared with anyone else then this means any other businesses’ unworthy actions may adversely affect you. Suppose you are sharing your email server with someone else. Suppose, the other person or business starts sending spams. In that case, the server IP address that is getting the poor reputation is shared by your business email address too. If that server IP address gets banned/blocked then it means that your email address also gets banned/blocked. This is one of the major downsides of using a shared email server. In fact, during the period during which your email address remains blocked or blacklisted, all the emails you are receiving will get bounced. For a business, it’s not a good thing at all.

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In fact, to get off the blacklist, it can take several days. That’s why the dedicated email hosting services are so beneficial. They work hard to ensure that a certain email address is not spamming. In fact, they also ensure that the emails don’t get blacklisted.

Slow Delivery

Web requests as well as the database are handled by the host server. It has been seen that the emails from shared hosting get delayed many times. In some cases, the emails get dropped too. However, when you opt for an email hosting server, the bandwidth is not shared with websites. This ensures that the emails get delivered to the destination emails much faster.

Support Problem

It has been seen generally that most hosting providers focus on delivering great service on website hosting only. Therefore, the support staffs are also trained in providing service for hosting solution mainly. When you get email service free from your web host, they are giving you a value added service to entice you. The support staffs are not trained enough for these email services. Therefore, you may not get adequate service from them on email related issues. In fact, the service providers may not give your email hosting problem adequate priority or importance when the email hosting service goes down.   

Difficulty of Moving to a New Host

Migration of hosting service provider is a common practice. However, website migration is difficult and needs lots of planning. However, the problems will be doubled if you have to migrate your email hosting too at the same time.

Just think of the situation when you plan to change your hosting service provider from whom you had received email hosting service too. After using it for a year or more now you want to change the hosting service for both website and email. In such a case, the email server will remain down during the time takes for moving the DNS.

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Availability of Less Features

You web hosting service provider may be exception in providing you with wide array of hosting plans. However, that doesn’t ensure that they have the same finesse in providing adequate email support. It has been generally seen that the email provided by a hosting solution comes with less number of features. Some of the examples include 100 MB inbox, absence of calendar (until and unless the user makes additional payment), and inadequate spam filters/security.

When a business uses a third party service provider instead of a free email service from a web hosting solution then too there are some associated benefits. It enables the business to look around and shop for the best email platform at a certain budget. By doing this, you get the layout as well as features that are most suitable for you. As it is their expertise, they can also offer additional offers.

The above mentioned points are some of the main problems faced by the users when they use the emails offered by their website hosting service. Here are some of the recommendations that can help you to get the best out of your exclusive email hosting service –


Some of the recommended email hosting service providers for businesses includes –

  • Google Apps for Work
  • Office 365 Email and Calendar
  • Network Solutions
  • Aabaco


Business emails are the main medium of communication with clients and prospective customers. That’s why choosing the email hosting and service provider is very important. A third party email service provider has expertise in providing email service to businesses. In such a case, the downtime of a website server doesn’t adversely affect the email services. That’s the reason why it’s always recommended to use an exclusive email hosting service instead of the one provided by your website hosting service.

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