Thanks to the compatibility features of contemporary systems platforms, the difference between Linux and Windows server hosting has significantly narrowed down. These are remarkably comparable with respect to FTP access and ability exercise advanced server controls.

Linux operating system is built by focusing on needs of technicians, developers, and programmers. It therefore enables outstanding functionalities to users in terms of development workloads. Linux hosting supports Perl, CGI, and PHP programming languages while it continues to be a preferred operating system for MySQL.

Security flaws are quickly attended to by a vast pool of Linux community members. Linux servers are perfect for catering to specific requirements of users. By availing a customizable hosting plan, the trusted open source operating system can influence performance of the server.

Linux is appreciated as a highly robust open source operating system across the globe. It is preferred by majority of dedicated server hosting users for multiple reasons. One of the important reason being its cost effectiveness. Since Linux is open source offering, there are no ongoing costs in terms of periodic license fees.

It is no wonder that Linux operating system is powering large number of ecommerce websites. In addition to its low coat of hosting Linux provides greater management capabilities of ecommerce sites. Linux operating system is extremely reliable and when it used for running a dedicated server, it supports scalability as well as security.

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Cost efficiency

Linux has always enjoyed a preferred status among web developers and administrators over other operating systems. This in itself is a highly creditable achievement, considering user friendly attributes of Windows operating system. The most compelling reasons for greater acceptance of Linux operating system can be attributed to its economical features.

Since Linux is an open source operating system, it provides low cost hosting to users. It is considered as an ideal long term hosting solution for hosting dedicated servers. In addition to being a free operating system, Linux is also associated with low cost of setup. It is very easy to upgraded Linux dedicated servers, which are highly adaptable as well. Being open source operating system, Linux can be easily upgraded.

Web developers appreciate Debian FreeBSD, and Red Hat is free distributions because this helps them obviate cost of operating system. Free distributions of Linux not only provide greater profit margins for developers but also improve economy aspects of web hosting from consumers’ point of view. Secondly, Linux dedicated server hosting is highly compatible with a wide range of software applications.

Linux community is extremely efficient in providing the latest versions of operating system thereby supporting businesses that are running on tighter budgets and are in need to access the latest technologies.

Secured hosting experience

Linux powered dedicated servers hosting seldom crash, sine these are built with security features including firewall solutions, anti-spyware, and anti-malware applications for greater protection. Even the control and navigation of server is easier with Linux as its operating system. Thanks to the incessant support of Linux community, the reported bugs are instantly tested and fixed.

Language support

Linux operating system extends excellent support to a broad array of scripting language depending on the requirements of website. Linux operating system is highly sought after for managing dedicated server hosting due to its compatibility with Perl, MySQL, and PHP.

Ready to be expanded

Businesses need not be concerned about expanding their server resources to accommodate business growth because Linux operating system can be modified and extended with ease. Users are able to install scripting languages of their choice for upgrading performance of their websites.

Highly stable and secure Linux hosting

Linux supported systems are extensively appreciated for running seamlessly for years together without any hassles. This explains popularity of Linux operating system among small and medium businesses. These businesses are not in position to absorb losses due to downtime and it is a fact that several Linux operated servers have never been exposed to crash.

Linux Operating System can simultaneously support multiple processes that are running concurrently. This ability of Linux explains its superior stability than Windows operating system. Unlike Windows operating system that necessitates rebooting with every time there is a change in configuration, you can execute change in Linux environment without requiring reboot so that the system can continue to run seamlessly. In addition to this, users of Linux need not carry out frequent defragmentation, unlike Windows operating system, thus saving them lot of hassles.

Better adaptability

Linux is a lean and flexible operating system that supports scalability unlike Windows operating system that must be provided with constant support of hardware upgrades due its insatiable hunger for resources. Linux operating system can perform with great flexibility and adaptability on any machine irrespective of computer architecture or nature of processor.

There is hardly any wonder why majority of enterprises, governments, and giant organizations such as Google and Amazon trust Linux operating systems.