Corporate Web Hosting Must Deliver Exceptional Value to Businesses

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

When it comes to corporate web hosting, managers do not take any chances.

They want the most reliable and best performing hosting service in the market.

This is understandable.

There is extreme pressure for companies to push their applications and infrastructure harder than ever before.

A network outage can be disastrous. It not only disrupts business but brings all operations to a halt completely till services are fully restored.

It is for this reason corporate web hosting service must offer a business level service contract that properly defines critical service offerings in detail.

An outage negatively impacts a business’s revenues, customer satisfaction, and productivity and brand reputation.

Specifically, the worst hit companies include e-commerce players, SaaS providers and any enterprise that depends upon continuous uptime and high-speed processing.

When systems fail they sink their businesses with them.

Here is a list of issues companies can experience if corporate web hosting fails to deliver.

  • Lost revenues due to missed opportunities
  • Outages that result in inaccessibility of business critical data and applications.
  • Loss of reputation if news of recurring outage spreads to customers. Customers demand quick resolution of their problems, and if not done may pour their indignation on social media platforms.

Yet, there is no any need to be apprehensive about the hosting quality offered in the market.

We have hosting providers that deliver.

But how do you choose the best corporate web hosting service?

Here are a few guidelines that can help.

Comprehend the various hosting options available

The hosting market has various options such as shared, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated, and managed hosting. Each environment has its own pros and cons. It is important that a business must evaluate each option thoroughly before choosing the best one for its needs.

Choose a host that is reliable

The provider must have an excellent uptime record.

Agreed that no host guarantees 100% uptime, but it should at least offer industry standard 99.5% uptime.

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In this regard it is important that a business must focus on SLA or service level agreement.

Service Level Agreements are specific contractual stipulations that put in black and white what customers can receive from the hosting service.

In the arena of web hosting SLAs are very important because when a client makes a contract with the vendor the SLA makes it clear what the vendor will provide, when and what to expect.

A good SLA sets the conditions for the following aspects of data center service provisioning:

  • Performance indicators for client service – Once these indicators are put in place, it will be easy to understand how they can be aligned in a quality enhancement process.
  • Penalty for non-performance – If the Service Level Agreement specifies penalties, the hosting provider will be cautious. By having penalties defined, the corporate web hosting provider will leverage to the best of its ability its performance levels.
  • Client commitments – The SLA must contain clearly defined assurances to minimize or reduce chances of letting down the customer.

Corporate web hosting has to be of the highest standard, because the clients’ profitability and reputation depends on it.

Go4Hosting is a leading Noida based web and application hosting service provider offering an assortment of services to different industry verticals.

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