How are Web Hosting and SEO Related?

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Business owners will want to achieve high rankings in search engine results to get more and more customers to their websites. The success of any online business depends heavily on the number of visitors the sites get, and the more appealing and effective your site content is; the more viewership it is going to get. One of the best ways of gaining popularity amongst new viewers is to increase your rankings in search engines like Google or Yahoo; to do this, it is important to know how these rankings are achieved. The web technologies which basically determine your search engine rankings are called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization refers to a combination of techniques and strategies which can help a site to get more viewers because of high rankings in search engine results. This will deal with search engine algorithms and when you can implement these SEO tactics or strategies properly, your website can become popular amongst online viewers. The rank it enjoys in search engine results continues to go up and this development is then converted into more contacts, more buys, new clients etc.

How does SEO work?

The SEO professionals will try to include specific keywords into the content or text and get links which will redirect users to your site. They will strive to create unique content to get higher rankings in search engines like Google. Whether you can come within the first ten rankings in Google will depend on how well you have been able to use SEO strategies. The highest ranking sites are obviously the most popular websites and visited by maximum numbers of people; so, the time period required to achieve this feat can take anything between a month and a year. While you can take the help of SEO experts to get higher site rankings, you can also implement some of these techniques independently. You may own a start-up and you can start working on your SEO immediately after registering the domain name. Initially you can take care of this on your own but later on it may be necessary to seek professional assistance.

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Which web hosting providers is SEO-friendly?

To know exactly how SEO works, you need to understand the initial stages of web hosting. When you can get a SEO friendly web hosting service provider, you will find it rather easy to manage the SEO tasks right from the beginning. To choose a SEO-friendly hosting plan, you will need to take into account some important features as follows:

  • There are some companies that provide a free SEO bonus where you can enjoy up to 3 months of free SEO solutions after which you can start paying to renew these services. This helps because you can enjoy free SEO when you start of. Moreover, if you decide to work with the host SEO team eventually, they will already be familiar with your work. So, even when the paid services turn out to a tad costly, you can discontinue the services after a certain time. But this bonus has not got too may takers and only a handful of hosts will provide this feature.
  • There is a Google Ads bonus too which is quite popular and many hosts give about $50 with each package to their customers to begin this promotion. This turns out to be a more useful tool because when you can increase the viewership to your site, your rankings will automatically go up.
  • When you do not want a complicated site, you should opt for a content management system because any SEO site needs a lot of content. So, a CMS will ensure that you can manage this content seamlessly. In this context, it is necessary to remember that WordPress CMS is more often preferred because of its advantages and its useful plug-ins. Some of its features like page name and meta descriptions have helped to automate several processes and makes SEO a cakewalk.
  • Another factor to consider is the support, because although rare, some hosts will even provide SEO support for a brief time period. At the same time, you should not completely rely on this for your SEO tasks.
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Organic SEO hosting is based on the principle that you can insert link in your text in a way so as to make your reader understand that these are not intentional. On the other hand, SMM or Social Media Management refers to a combination of tools and services which are designed to accelerate your site’s growth in conjunction with SEO.

If you are looking for web hosting services for SEO, look at Go4hosting’s services. It does not only offer SEO friendly hosting services but also takes care of all technicalities.

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