Unveiling the Reasons for Linux Operating System’s Popularity among Hackers

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Some questions can really be perplexing such as why do hackers use Linux operating systems. The answers to such questions can contain enormous information for anybody to digest easily.

Enhanced controls

The most obvious reason for hackers to attach greater significance to Linux operating system is ability of exercising enhanced control while using Linux system as compared with Windows or MAC.

Superior granularity of Linux as compared with Windows enables its users to gain robust control over systems. Whether it is at macro level or micro level, hackers can control every aspect of Linux Operating System via the terminal. In case of Windows hackers are able to control only to the extent as allowed by Microsoft. What’s more, users can easily use any type of scripting language.

There is a huge array of web hosting servers, routers, and Internet of Things that leverage UNIX for their operations. Wide and extensive use of Unix based applications and platforms offers greater scope for hackers who are using Linux operating systems. It is far easier and simpler to target devices that are being operated on compatible systems.

Attributes of command line interface

Linux has been designed to feature an integrated and robust command line interface. Hackers are able to exercise strong control with help of Linux operating system over their system and are able to custom design any and every aspect of the operating system. Hackers are able to control the entire system via Linux OS. This is not possible with Windows operating system. Although it offers an extremely user friendly interface, Windows OS suffers from lack of extensive user interactions and control.

The command line structure provided by Windows operating system including Power Shell and command prompt fail to offer total ability of integration or functionality in contrast to Linux OS. This can restrict hacker’s ability that demands a superior access beyond command lines that are well-defined. Linux offers far greater capabilities than some of the hacking tools that are exclusively designed for Windows.

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Ease of customizability

Linux operating system is highly sought after by hackers because of its enhanced portability and lightweight characteristics. Creation of live and customized boot drives is extremely easy with Linux operating system to facilitate the live boot for booting the system on different devices or computers as required.

In the Windows environment, one can leverage hardly one or two programs that can help create bootable disk for Windows OS. Moreover, these programs need higher memory and are also extremely slow as compared with Linux operating system.

Superiority of Linux operating system is also appreciated in terms of overall security of the install, which has been confirmed by a multitude of security professionals as well as hackers. The most probable reason for lesser security quotient of Windows operating system is its popularity.

Benefits of being open source

More codes are being written in Windows due to its higher popularity and since it is extensively accessed by higher number of programmers as well as mainstream users. Although, Linux has been steadily climbing up on popularity ratings, it also continues to exhibit robust safety. On the other hand, Windows based systems are more vulnerable to attacks by cyber criminals.

Another important factor in favor of Linux operating system is a greater ease of code manipulation since Linux is an open source distribution. Users have unrestricted access to its source code which enables hackers or general public to customize it the way they desire.

Unless one is able to gain in-depth understanding of the Operating System, he cannot aim to become a perfect hacker. Easy customizability of an operating system facilitates hackers to use it the way they feel. If a hacker has ability to manipulate the operating system, he won’t be able to break in into it.

Understanding hackers’ priorities

One needs to understand things from a hacker’s perspective in order to understand why Linux is a preferred operating system for the hacking professionals. Windows is highly sought after by enterprises and general public. However, Linux is popular among developer community since it is open source.

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This explains the presence of an intuitive graphic user interface offered by Windows. Linux has never claimed itself to be a user friendly distribution since it has always focused on developers rather than enterprise customers.

Thanks to the advent of smartphones that are running on Android, more and more users are now inclined towards use of Linux. This marks shifting of paradigm as far as restricted use of Linux is concerned. There is more to come as more and more devices are being harnessed together, thanks to Internet of Things.

Linux operating system continues to be a preferred choice of hacking community. In fact Linux is an essential requirement of every IT profession that requires an in-depth understanding of technologies and IT concepts.

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