The Pros And Cons Of Web Hosting – An Impartial Analysis

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Are you planning to launch your own website? Are your ready with the domain name? The next step is to buy server hosting solution to take your website online and get it activated so that your targeted audience will be able to access it easily. Choosing the right server hosting service is the key to success of your website so this is one area where you must tread cautiously.

It is likely that you have already taken the first few steps towards purchasing a web hosting solution. This involves comparing the plans of various hosting services with a good reputation for quality and support. Most companies offer a variety of plans involving web space and bandwidth. Choose the plan that will work best for your hosting needs, the scale of your operations and of course, your budget.

There are many pros and cons of web hosting. Your hosting needs will be driven by the kind of website you create, the amount of traffic you expect to receive and your budget. It is recommended that you utilize the services of a web hosting consultant or an advisor to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the process of choosing the best web server host.

Free Hosting – The Good And The Bad

At the very basic level of hosting is the free host concept. Top names in this category are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and others. As it is a free service, you won’t be able to enjoy full access to their features, support and services. Free hosting options can severely restrict the amount of content you can create. Many hosts also put restrictions on designing or coding. Such services are recommended for those who want to run a private website. Free hosting does not demand any knowledge of IT or hosting technicalities from the user.

With free hosting service, you cannot get your desired or own domain name, email or FTP access. Many users find their account suspended or suffer loss of data because they failed to adhere to the terms laid down by the company. Free web hosting services bind you firmly down to a series of terms and conditions when you sign up for their services. These are often not favorable to you and can act as hindrances in your path to progress.

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Virtual Space

Virtual space signifies the amount of disk space that you have access to under the hosting plan you have signed up to. Ample disk space is mandatory if your web content has a copious amount of images and videos. You can find a web hosting service that offers customized hosting solutions that can be tweaked to meet the website hosting and management needs of clients.

There are many web hosting services that offer customized hosting solutions matched to the specific hosting demands of your business. They can cater to your need for a personal domain or a business website.

Then there are companies that cater exclusively to commercial web hosting needs where there is need for more space and resources than what most basic hosting packages provide. With an advanced hosting plan, you can have access to your domain name and unlimited email accounts among other features.

Bandwidth – What To Look Out For

Web hosting services are known to limit the amount of bandwidth that a company uses on a monthly basis. Bandwidth is that critical feature that controls the amount of data your website can transfer. Many websites with limited activity and of medium business size often do not make full use of the bandwidth quantum provided to them. However, some business websites with a large scale of operations are most likely to exhaust their bandwidth allocation quite early in the month. Such businesses can perform with greater efficiency only when they subscribe to a hosting plan that offers unlimited bandwidth. For this, they will have to sign up for a premium hosting plan.

It is important that you read the terms of agreement with your server host very carefully before you sign up for a plan. Often, the devil lies in the fine print so do not rush over it. It is not unusual for companies to renege on their commitment of unlimited bandwidth. They cite numerous excuses for not doing so. It is a common practice in the industry to transfer unused bandwidth portion of a small business to meet the requirements of a larger business. Keep a close watch whether such unscrupulous activities are being carried out by your service provider.

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Manage Your Website Content Carefully

Make sure you check the website content policy of the web hosting service before you load content on your website. If your website contains unfavorable topics, you could be in trouble if your web host does not agree with the content. They reserve the right to refuse you any hosting if your website content does not meet their stated content policy or does not meet federal or state regulations

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