Relevance of Virtual Private Server in Web Hosting

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Virtual Private Server enables running an individual operating system by facilitating users to access the operating system in the capacity of an administrator, thereby allowing them to install applications on operating system.

Web hosting service providers can host number of Virtual Private Servers on a single web server by allowing every single VPS to run its own operating system or custom applications. Virtual Servers are highly sought after by administrators who wish to have a super user access to their servers. There are unique scenarios that prompt switching over to VPS from standard hosting environments.

Operating specific Android applications

There are situations that demand customization of web server. It should also be noted that a shared hosting account lacks in flexibility while acquiring a dedicated server would not be financially viable. In such situations, an option of Virtual Private Server can be a perfect choice.

It offers complete root access for installation of software, creation of accounts or implementing custom environment. There is no need to be concerned about security and maintenance of the physical server that is supporting your VPS since the hosting environment of your VPS is essentially a multi tenant arrangement with shared hardware resources.

Enterprises often choose Virtual Private Servers to avail attributes of dedicated servers without need to spend a fortune or physically host the dedicated server hardware. Shared hosting lacks bandwidth support as well as availability of web hosting space. On the other hand, VPS solution offers freedom to configure, install, or reboot your choice of software.

Since your Virtual Private Server is allowed to run in an isolated environment, there is far better privacy as well as security as compared with shared hosting environment. Every Virtual Private Server is capable of being rebooted or halted irrespective of other virtual servers in the same hosting environment.

Website performance issues

Shared hosting is designed for catering to needs of hundreds of websites and accordingly the resource allocation to every website is extremely limited. It is common for websites with growing traffic to face slow site loading issues during traffic spikes in shared hosting environment. These issues are commonly faced by administrators that are engaged in operating multiple high traffic sites.

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Websites with higher bandwidth consumption that need to deal with slow page loading in shared hosting need to look for better alternatives. If you have implemented ambitious marketing plans to grow your website in terms of number of visitors, then limited resource availability in a shared hosting environment will be significantly restricting your website’s potential for growth. Shared hosting is known to impact bandwidth and disk space availability due to the competitive resource consumption from other websites.

Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is an ideal solution for users of shared hosting that are facing website performance issues such as downtime or slow page loading among others.  VPS hosting not offers greater flexibility of hosting but also provides economy of a multi tenant environment.

VPS hosting is the right option for websites that have been consuming entire allocated resources of shared hosting. There is also a possibility of your host cautioning you about your excessive resource consumption. In such situation a VPS hosting solutions can prove to be a blessing. VPS hosting also facilitates easy migration to a physical server.

Business critical web applications

With the advent and proliferation of ecommerce, business websites have assumed extreme significance. A website is an important resource of a business and many enterprises exist only in the form of their websites. Such business critical sites may offer Android application stores that can be leveraged by other businesses. These websites must be ideally hosted on Virtual Private Servers for assured availability and business continuity.

Comparing VPS and Shared Hosting services

There are obvious advantages of VPS hosting over shared hosting since a Virtual Private Server is the most optimum resource that guarantees performance without impacting the bottom-line. Virtual Private Server hosting also provides an ideal environment for development and testing. This the reason why many enterprises purchase two different VPS hosting plans that can be used for development as well as supporting website functions.

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Virtual Private Server supports data backup and file storage and also offers simplicity of server migration in the event of switching. Users can ensure website availability even if the administrator is carrying out changes or adding compelling features. Virtual servers are far better than cheap physical servers due to excellent technical support offered by hosts on round the clock basis.

Virtual server enables you to access all resources of a standalone server without actually investing for one. It is also reckoned for remarkable security and provides web developer to implement testing and development tasks. Web developers can rely on flexibility and isolated environment of a VPS to execute testing and use the platform of VPS hosting service for development of websites.

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