Why is a Managed Web Hosting Plan Expensive?

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

A managed hosting service is maintained and supported by the service provider. This is the reason why it is called a managed web hosting solution. Managed web hosting is always costlier than an unmanaged hosting plan. Let’s find out the differences between a managed and an unmanaged web hosting services.   

In an unmanaged web hosting plan, providers offer basic support like replacement of failed components, managing network and server rebooting. Hosting providers do not provide other required support like software installations, server security updates, removing error messages and installation of operating systems and more. Not only that, there are some unmanaged hosting providers who do not even offer control panel to their customers. So, these are basic differences between a managed web hosting and an unmanaged web hosting.                     

Organizations remain confused between managed web hosting servers with dedicated hosting servers. A dedicated hosting server is only for hire. Though, it offers an array of hosting solutions to the users. But a managed web hosting is all about complete management of your server along with maintenance and support. Web hosting companies offer comprehensive support to the customers along with high maintenance.        

Thus, it is suggested that you should choose only the right type of web hosting that meets your business requirements. If you have already hired an unmanaged hosting plan and got stuck with some issues, you can seek support from your web hosting provider. The problem is that most web hosting providers’ charges hourly prices for even basic helps. This can even more expensive for you. Thus, you should switch to a managed web hosting plan before it is too late.      

Once you hire a managed web hosting plan you can avail comprehensive managed services along with round the clock customer support and services. These services also include round the clock monitoring of your server, server backup, support for key traffic spikes and more. 

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