Top Web Hosting Trends You Cannot Overlook

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

When you are creating a website, you cannot afford to overlook the key trends in web hosting which can have an impact on your business.The main reason behind launching a website is to market or promote your products and services. This is why you need web hosting solutions which can offer the technical support your website needs. Just like in every other field, there are significant trends in the field of web hosting too and the industry is constantly evolving. So, it becomes imperative for business owners to take cognizance of the changes around them and keep updated with the latest trends in web hosting. While some of these changes will be simply an improvement of earlier changes; there are some which are completely new and must be embraced. This awareness is necessary for web developers because they can improve their skills accordingly and offer better services to customers.

Users will no longer be viewing hosting solutions as services which are only used for hosting websites. They will now be expecting many more solutions within a single comprehensive hosting plan. They will be expecting web designing solutions, SEO, email hosting and e-commerce solutions. According to experts, the one-stop shop approach is what will be the new trend for 2018.

Many businesses are hosting non-US extension websites; they can choose from a variety of extensions as there are many choices available today and much more to come. Gone are the days when businesses had no choice but to select from .net or .org or .com. This trend of using the same format of domain names had become boring for web developers and clients and the change in domain name format is more than welcome to them.

Environment-friendly hosting solutions or green hosting which makes use of green technologies are increasing to reduce the harmful impact of hosting on the environment. This form of green hosting can be achieved by various means such as powering data centers with renewable energy sources, making use of energy-saving equipment, planting more trees around the vicinity etc. So, green hosting is increasingly attracting businesses which are keen to protect the environment and lessen carbon footprint. With an increase amongst consumers about the value of green technologies, hosts are offering these at no extra costs.

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Almost all big businesses know the power of cloud computing solutions. So, even in the most traditional markets, you will find both big and small businesses shifting their data and operations to the cloud. It becomes the responsibility of cloud service providers to offer effective security products to keep hackers away. Cloud hosting is not only cost-effective; it is also reliable and highly scalable. It can offer high server uptime so that your site is always up and running. The cloud is basically a cluster of servers which are maintained in climate-controlled secure environments; resources are made available to clients from this network of underlying servers. Cloud hosting is flexible, unlike traditional hosting where resource allocation is prefixed. In the cloud, clients can benefit from the pay-as-you-use model where you only pay for resources you use. You can also easily scale resources up and down depending on your needs. So, cloud hosting is going to be the perfect solution for businesses which have outgrown shared hosting solutions but lack the funds to afford dedicated hosting. With the cloud, enterprises are also protected from sudden outages because there are always standby servers which will take over in case any server crashes.

In the coming years, there is going to be a far greater focus on personal security. The previous year witness many instances of cybersecurity meltdowns and data violations. This had made it all the more significant to focus on personal security and this is likely to be a trend which will dominate 2018. It is recommended that you choose a local web host to ensure that your data gets protected by your country’s privacy regulations. You must keep passwords unique as well as access these through password management systems. You should also ensure that your browsers and devices are routinely updated so that they are free from bugs and can offer new security provisions. You must search for SSL certificates before you upload private data online. When you have shared firewalls, the chances of unauthorized access are very much prevalent. So, if your site has sensitive data, it is better to opt for dedicated firewalls to keep it safe.

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With the beginning of a new year, there are likely to be many new trends in web hosting and as business owners, it is imperative for you to know about these before you sign up for web hosting plans. Your aim should be to get hosting solutions which will enable you to create and launch a website easily.  You will look for a service that will ensure hassle-free site management so that you have an edge over the competitors. Consumers are going to be looking out for flexible and tailor-made hosting plans. Finally, the hosting world will benefit with an increased focus on customer support services. Customers will expect lesser downtimes and faster problem resolutions.

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